A company would like to redesign its website or its e-commerce web portal for a number of reasons. The most important reason for a website redesign is to get the desired results that a new business scenario requires, and to increase the revenue, apart from other advantages. A redesigned and more modern website provides for results that can be better and minutely measured and analyzed. The new website versions can also work well on the smartphones and can reach more consumers, who today access the products and services through their smartphones more.

A website can be redesigned throughout, from its present structure. But the website redesign does not mean that you need to scrap the older version completely, and get a new website created from a scratch.

The layout and design of pages are also changed in other minute and subtle aspects as well. So while a website may not look completely new, its redesign will provide for better visitor navigation and other aspects. More illustrative graphics, creating new headlines and content and re-writing of the existing pages will bring you greater returns. This is also referred to as “interactive design”. Hence, while you may not be getting a whole new look, you will find that the website is providing the intended and required effect.

Here Are The Most Common Scenarios When Your Website Requires A Redesign

To measure and analyze the results

The older websites do not have the measurement and analytics tools. Sometimes the tools are of ‘no” or “less” value and do not provide any return to the organization in the end. Sometimes, a company may invest thousands of dollars in creating a graphic-loaded website, but may not lay any foundations for meeting the real goals of the organization. A modern redesign brings in many new features, widgets, and tools, and also integrates the website seamlessly across many marketing platforms, including the social media and platforms. The data gets collected securely at a single dashboard, and you very easily measure and analyze the results.

Mobile Friendliness

Today, there is around 111.20 million consumers who access the internet through their smartphones, or phones that are capable enough to provide for web browsing. As the number of smartphones users increases exponentially by the day, it is of paramount importance that a business gets its website and e-commerce web portal optimized for a better smartphone experience. A more responsive website design provides for the shifting of interface components, on the basis of the screen size of the smartphone or device. Many businesses today also have a separate website for mobiles. The server of the website detects the size of the screen and then provides the appropriate version of it.

Your website’s purpose has changed

Marketing strategies are often fluid and may ask for different looks of the business website. You do not always require a full new website version, and the subtle changes may be enough to give you better results. If the conversion affects your business’s conversion funnel, then you can always try newer things.

You want to get more optimized content

SEO, consumer attraction and retention, higher sales…! The benefits of optimized content are endless. As the algorithms of the searched content on the search engines change frequently, you can always stay fresh and updated with the latest, well-tuned and more informative content. Good content can bring freshness to your website. Apart from blogs and articles, posting of other content like e-book and e-magazines is also now getting increasingly common. Use of keywords sees to it that the customers can find your content rather easily in the search results. All unique content also have a “call to action” and can get you a number of successful sales “hits”. Your online reputation and credibility can be much improved by the optimized content. The content also helps the search engines to index your site and its fresh, informative and precious content.

Beating the competition

While you should always be more innovative and take the lead in all business niches and processes, it is also possible that your competitor’s website has undergone a facelift or revamp. With the right SEO adjustments, you can be on the top of search engine results. Proper up-gradation sees to it that your lead is well maintained, and you have more business than your competitors.

To modernize the third-party tools

Many third-party tools including the “shopping cart widget” require up gradation from time to time, so that they can offer the most modern and impressive navigational experience to the users and website visitors. So when you are updating the website, and redesigning the structure of it, then you should look and probe towards the prompt, smooth and modern working of the widgets and third party applications and tools as well.