Over the past decade or so, internet has helped everyone a lot in marketing their products. But as times change, trends do too! It has somehow circulated in to the general mindset of the entire world that posting a picture of the product alongside some features on the internet is the end of story, as far as the marketing goes! But it is not so! Even the marketing in today’s world has evolved so much that every digital marketer should learn and get to know about things that will work for him in 2016. Let us discuss a few of those here:-

  1. Business via Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg realizing the efficiency and ‘Mother Earth’ role of Google as a search engine has urged the Facebook staff to get on working on ‘Searching via Facebook’. This will be a huge opportunity for everyone. Nearly 1 billion people are active on Facebook these days. Imagine going on to the Messenger and receiving chat alerts regarding the product you have posted. This certainly will be an ice breaker. The same goes for Twitter. Social media is one way to go in 2016.


  1. Going Snap with the Chat!

Since 2012, Snapchat has been a fun way to post photos and doodle out the community. Now it can be thought of as a way to post products and get your way through to the online generation. However, creating a marketing trend which lasts for some hours will force the users to take interest rapidly. WWF has recently, very successfully, worked out a funding campaign via Snapchat.


  1. Video-Marketing

Video is taking content marketing by storm, but you’ll have to do more than just make one to realize its full potential. In order to keep the client or general consumer attentive, the use of Meerkat and Periscope has become very popular in 2016. Via both these apps, the Twitter community can be introduced to what you are offering!


  1. Instagram

Although Instagram is generally known for just group picture and video sharing but recently it has been offering product campaigns to the general public. This is certainly a venue that ought to be explored considering that 100 million people use Instagram every month consistently.


  1. The IPCC (Identity Pay per Click)

Adwords has introduced an improved PPC (Pay per Click) whereby people can be targeted with specific ads based on their phone number or email thus making the Pay per Click an IPCC (Identity Pay per Click). Targeting a specific audience saves time in business matters.


  1. Health is Wealth

The digital marketing can help people see a new way to get ‘checked’ up. More so, apps can be created and have been created keeping in view the health needs of the people. Such carry-arounds, again, save time. Apple has recently partnered with Nike to produce an app can HealthKit which is a perfect example of the aforementioned digital marketing trend.


  1. Cinematic Pins

Pinterest has introduced a new pin that is just like a ‘GIF’ image. Animation always interests the buyers and that is what Pinterest has cashed on. These Cinematic Pins have already been tested by the Unilever and Nestle group successfully.


  1. Using the Consumer

Much of the modern news is traversed through the society, the same old way i.e. ear to ear. Digitally this has been translated as User Generated Content. The audience can be used to market the brand via social and video platforms.


  1. The Omni-Channel

An omni-channel is actually providing the community ways to shop without any butting in. Disney created an omni-channel experience and gained great insights into the lives of their customers.


  1. Retargeting the Audience

In order to recapture the attention of the audience there is a process called Retargeting which is extremely effective to a great extent. Using Retargeting, the visitors on a website can be contacted again and informed of what is going on in the industry! Something new that you have to offer!

All of the above steps are a great way to gain attention of the consumers and such ‘Digital Trends’ are what every ‘Digital Marketer’ should look for and work on in 2016.